What can you do with old stereo speakers?


The obvious question is, “are they working?”

If yes, move them over to your kitchen or bedroom and power them with a used amp like the Cambridge Audio AM10 or Cambridge Audio SR10. You can get a number of good amplifiers for cheap in the used market. Of course, it depends on which city are you in and the availability of good, used gears at reasonable prices.

If the speakers not working, move them into the bookshelf (if you have one) and stack the books around these speakers. Some day, these will be super vintage with all the books around to be worthy of a superb photograph that you can post on Instagram.

I have come across many music lovers that underestimate good old speakers – maybe, they want something new age, or they have just moved over to earphones.

Do you have old stereo speakers? Send me a pic and I’ll append them to this post with an attribution to you. Also, do write a note on how you are using them – functional, decorative, etc.

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