RHA MA390 In-Ear Headphone Review – Great Value!

RHA MA390 review

Listening to the sound of music, is a subjective experience. If you’re listening to a song via a good old stereo separates system, the same song will sound quite different via your headphones. I’m not saying that one is better than the other, but headphones are intimate. Private. When you look for headphones, you’ll naturally have a price range set in your mind.

RHA MA390 – great price to value available in the market.

What’s good with RHA MA390?

  • Braided headphone cable – can’t really call it tangle-free, but it’s easier to untangle compared to the regular ones that go into knots once you pull them out of your bag or pocket
  • Premium finish on the headphone casing that’s also rugged – I’ve dropped this so many times, hard on the floor. The finishing looks rugged enough to take on a lot of knocks on the floor and table
RHA MA390 frequency response
Kinda’ neutral sounding, but lower mids are a bit recessed

Warm frequency response? Well, almost! – Looking at the frequency response above, one might even think that it’s bright. No. It’s kind of well-balanced. Can’t call it warm and mellow, but neither it is bright and fatiguing.

What’s not so good with RHA MA390?

  • Volume – Listening via mobile phone/laptop is just about fine, but I have to crank it up to at least 45% of the volume to listen comfortably. You may have to crank up to insane levels when in noisy environments, and I wouldn’t suggest doing that – risk of hearing loss!
  • 3.5mm jack reliability – I’m a careful user. Even with me being careful, I lost the left-side speaker output, twice. Culprit – the joint near the 3.5mm jack. Of course, RHA MA390 comes with a good 3 years warranty, and I was able to replace them without fuss (also thanks to Headphone Zone for their fantastic response in replacing the defective pieces).

Clipping Power Listenability Metrics

  • Sound stage – Really good. Listening to Rebecca Pidgeon’s Spanish Harlem helps you notice the spatial separation of the instruments.
  • Instrument separation – This little RHA can give an exhilarating performance while listening to John Grant’s Pale Green Ghosts. Very good instrument separation without fatiguing your ears.
  • Vocals – Oh, that’s Leonard Cohen’s bassy voice that reverberates when listening to his Everybody Knows.

Given the price at which it retails at, this RHA MA390 in-ear headphone is a definite buy.

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