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Micca OoO Review – The Most Affordable Bookshelf / Center Channel Speaker?

This is an unusual title. Usually, it’s either a bookshelf speaker or a center channel speaker. I had to make sure that the type of speaker that I’m reviewing is evident from the title.

Anyways, TL;DR: The Micca OoO speaker must be in the 2021 top 10 bookshelf / center channel speakers. Well, it’s subjective; however, this small wonder deserves to be in the top 10 when speakers are strictly compared in the price-to-performance category of things.

Micca OoO speaker review center channel and bookshelf

Why OoO?

Because, when laid horizontally, it has the 3-inch mid-range woofer then the 0.75 inch tweeter and then again, the 3-inch mid-range woofer, giving this the O-o-O configuration. Well, I’m sure Micca ran out of cool names and came up with this OoO — in my opinion, I can say that the Micca RB42-C and the Micca MB42X-C (much less so) have the same O-o-O design to be conveniently called the Micca OoO. [Pic source]

Getting the specifications out of the way:

Woofer: Dual 3” Kevlar Cone    
Tweeter: 0.75” Silk Dome
Enclosure: Ported Cabinet     
Frequency Response: 60Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 4-8 Ohms     
Sensitivity: 83dB 1W/1M     
Power Handling: 15-75 Watts

Configuration Options

The Micca OoO as center channel
The Micca OoO as center channel

As you may have figured out by now, you can buy one Micca OoO and use as center channel in your new or existing home theater set up. You can also buy 2 more Micca OoO and use them in a 3.1 setup.

Your Home Theater Setup

You can buy 5 Micca OoO and use them exclusively in your 5.1 home theater setup. If you’re going for a 7.1, I think you can do the math. The point here is you may spend your money on a good AVR and throw in these speakers. You can slowly upgrade to bigger and better speakers by evaluating the price-to-performance of the bigger ones with these little OoOs. Remember the law of diminishing returns!

Your Desktop Music

For listening to music in a budget audiophile set up, powered by an affordable Topping/SMSL/builtin DAC amplifier, for all your music from your Mac or Windows computer — this will be an ideal option!

Replacing Your Soundbar

For listening to music and movies by replacing your existing soundbar and using the 3.1 configuration, again powered by a cheap DAC+amplifier — a beautiful and effective option. I’m saying this after comparing this with my tried and trusted JBL soundbar with wireless sub. I’m now going to put my JBL soundbar on sale.

Sensitivity is an issue

At 83 dB sensitivity, you will have to crank up the volume if you’re in a medium to large room. In my testing, I was sitting about 8 feet from the speaker since mine is a small 120 square feet room, and I do have to crank it up a bit more than I use to listen to music — say with this center channel and in full home theater sound, my AVR volume reads -32 dB, while in regular stereo ‘music’ mode I’m hovering between -40 dB and -43 dB. Mine is an old NAD T757 AVR and it’s a gem of an amplifier – be it for music or for movies. Your mileage may vary depending on the AVR you use.

No doubt, It’s a great speaker. However, going by the reviews on YouTube, don’t expect miracles.

Keep your expectations realistic, and this little speaker, when broken in, will give you a great sense of auditory satisfaction for the price you paid for it.

Movie Tests

Angle the Micca OoO speaker up, if close to the floor
Angle the speaker up, if close to the floor

Over the weekend, I used this as a center speaker (I have my good old GoldenEar bookshelf speakers doing the front left and right duty) to check out a few movies, like the Martian (2015), Soul (2020) and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003). I should say that I’m super satisfied with the Micca OoO as center speaker. Voices do sound surprisingly deep and it didn’t sound bright or fatiguing in any of these movies and for hours together.

The one thing which you should probably focus is to angle the speaker a bit upwards if you’re placing this a bit lower than usual. Doing so, makes a huge difference in the tonality, with much less reflections from the floor.

Build Quality

For the price I had paid, I thought this speaker will be built to a cost. Yes, it is. The vinyl wrapping leaves a lot to be desired. However, the Micca OoO has some heft to it — doesn’t feel cheap, hollow and light to hold. Quite surprised at that!


Sub par Micca OoO packaging

Again, leaves a lot to be desired. With the quality of the cardboard box and padding, it’s just pure luck that this didn’t get damaged during shipping. I know you can always return and get a new one if damaged, but imagine the disappointment when you open the box only to know that you won’t hear it sing/talk. Not to mention the return shipping and carbon footprint which could be bigger than the speaker itself.


If you’re on a budget, but want to have a good home theater setup that you can truly enjoy, these are the speakers to go with – Micca OoO all the way from left, right and center, to the rear surrounds. If you have great bookshelves and want to enter the 3.1 realm, just throw in one Micca OoO and have fun with some Dolby PLII or NEO6 Music processing — greatly compliments the midrange without getting in the way of my GoldenEar bookshelves.

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