Marshall Major II BT On-Ear Headphones – Unlimited Wireless Fun

Marshall Major II BT review

Two things that stood out here. The product name and battery life.

When was the last time you came across a bloody straightforward product name, instead of some serial numbers and alpha numeric gibberish. Yes, it’s clean and simple – and easy to remember.

Marshall Major II BT (Bluetooth), with a battery life exceeding 30 hours (more on this later).

The world of Marshall has an undying following within the electric guitar groups. However, it came as a surprise to me when they started adding to their headphone line-up, one after the other. At least, not until I found this out:

Marshall Amplification plc are delighted to announce Zound Industries, Sweden, have successfully retained the global license to design, develop, manufacture and market headphone and speaker products under the Marshall brand.

Heck, I was a bit disappointed. Generally, when a technology transfer happens or a new/uncanny partnership is forged, somewhere, somehow, the original company loses its soul. Has it happened here? Well, I’d leave that for you to decide.

Marshall Major II Blueotooth review
Classy looking fit and finish

If you ask me, not sure about Marshall’s soul, but the soul of music is still attached to the Major II BT

First things, first. Specifications:

  • Drivers: Dynamic drivers, 40mm
  • Bluetooth standard: 4 aptX
  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • Impedance: 64 Ohms
Marshall Major II Blueotooth build quality
High quality cable with brass connectors

Build quality and comfort: Very good, for the price. It has got a nice heft and the on-ear foam pads are comforting – well, for a few minutes. Because, the clamp down effect is a bit harsh and, especially if you’re wearing spectacles, will feel the pain after an hour or so. Even after removing the spectacles, I feel that the clamp is quite pronounced. It took me several days to get used to this and to find the optimum position.

Attention to detail is very good. The side markings ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ are brass colored. Heck, even the connectors to connect the headphones to a 3.5mm jack is quite brassy – adds a classy touch reminiscent of Marshall’s heredity.

Marshall Major II Blueotooth frequency response
A tinge of bass-heaviness – for bass-heads!

Sound quality: Being used to the sound signature of the RHA MA390, I was surprised to hear how loud this Marshall was even at 25% of the volume. Listening to Finatticz – Don’t Drop That Thun Thun will put a big smile – the bass is super good. The song is meant to be that way. However, the bass can be a bit too much for regular listening – bass-heads will love these. Not me.

I’d prefer a balanced sound. The good thing is, the signature is warm. You won’t end up with tinnitus listening to high frequency notes. You Don’t Mess Around with Jim and Vallis Alps – Run are the genre of songs that you’d love on this Marshall Major II BT.

Battery life: The specifications mention a 30-hour playback time. I’ve tested this extensively over the past month or so…with videos, music and phone calls, and I’ve been getting somewhere close to 50 hours.

Marshall has under-promised and over-delivered – with astounding battery life on the Major II BT

Marshall Major II Blueotooth controls
Nicely implemented multi-function button

I’d have personally preferred a slightly less-bassy sound from the otherwise fantastic value for money Marshall Major II BT headphones.

Oh, one last thing I almost forgot – I’m now a big fan of their multi-function button — allows me to skip songs, increase/decrease volume and answer calls. I’d say they’ve executed this act without the button getting clunky and unresponsive over time.

Verdict: Must buy! (Headphone Zone | Amazon US)

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