Can You Be an Audiophile but Not a Melophile?

audiophile melophile Photo by Anton H from Pexels
According to the Urban Dictionary, a melophile is someone who obsessively loves music to no end.

Does it matter if one is an audiophile or not if that person doesn’t like music? It’s like saying one is passionate about driving but doesn’t like cars. Hard to relate from a logical perspective, but I’m not ruling this out entirely.

Vintage radio not audiophile grade

My grandfather never listened to music by dedicating specific time to it. But whenever he came across a nice tune, he will pause, listen to it, and move on. Maybe he got intrigued by the tune or the lilt, but never really got into it – just going with the flow. No big deal. People like that will save a lot of money as they will never get to splurge on expensive HiFi gear.

Anyways, jokes apart, the collective answer is YES – someone can be a melophile and not be an audiophile. It’s just that they may not know what they are missing when it comes to staging, separation, vocal clarity, bass depth, warm sound, and all those audiophile jargons one can throw around quite easily.

Cassette player. Photo by Budgeron Bach from Pexels

Hey, didn’t we all have fun at some point in our lives listening to cassette players? We were not audiophiles for sure, at that point in time!

In my opinion, being an audiophile or a melophile is a state of the mind, until you start comparing audio gear or go on a quest to enjoy the layers in the music that you listen to. Whichever state of mind you are in, just enjoy the music!

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