Serendipity speakers by Matt Featherstone

When 3-D Printed Speakers Can be This Good!

These 3-D printed speakers may look like a lifestyle statement. But, look closely, the open-baffled tweeter and the ported midrange speaker are inspired by Lawrence Dickie’s designs and has an expansion chamber, similar to that of a motorcycle. The expansion chamber is designed to increase the ‘back pressure’ off the driver unit – these are […]

Apple AirPlay Optical Apple TV

Should I Throw Away My Apple TV with Optical Out?

Apple has an uncanny way of stripping away ports and features that many music lovers (audiophiles?) deem useful. Remember, the ever-loved 3.5mm jack? Well, even before that, Apple made the decision to remove the optical out from it’s Apple TV hardware. If you still have the 2nd generation Apple TV that’s functional, don’t throw that […]

Modern Radiogram – A Custom Design by INDIQAUDIO

Modern Radiogram Came across a beautifully crafted, custom-speaker design by INDIQAUDIO. INDIQAUDIO has been founded by passionate audiophiles, making hi-end speakers and amplifiers. I will be reviewing their gear once the COVID-19 situation eases up. Can’t wait to audition their amplifiers and speakers. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics of this custom design. What do you think […]

GoldenEar Technology AON3 review

GoldenEar AON3 – The Best Bookshelf Speakers for All Genres

Every once a while, when audiophiles hunt for the perfect bookshelf speakers, they end up buying something that looks aesthetically pleasing. Speakers like the JBL L100 Classic or the Wharfedale LINTON Heritage look great and sound great – but at what cost! Will you buy a pair of bookshelf speakers that don’t look good? Well, […]

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD package

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD Review

The RHA MA390 lasted so long that I didn’t get to try a lot of headphones during that time. I did have the Beyerdynamic Byron and I do have the ATH-ANC500BT, but their purposes were quite different. I will put up the reviews for the aforementioned headphones soon. When the RHA MA390 died on me […]

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD?

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD better than RHA MA390? Find out here from the comparison chart. Review is live now!

What can you do with old stereo speakers?


The obvious question is, “are they working?”

If yes, move them over to your kitchen or bedroom and power them with a used amp like the Cambridge Audio AM10 or Cambridge Audio SR10. You can get a number of good amplifiers for cheap in the used market. Of course, it depends on which city are you in and the availability of good, used gears at reasonable prices.

If the speakers not working, move them into the bookshelf (if you have one) and stack the books around these speakers. Some day, these will be super vintage with all the books around to be worthy of a superb photograph that you can post on Instagram.

I have come across many music lovers that underestimate good old speakers – maybe, they want something new age, or they have just moved over to earphones.

Do you have old stereo speakers? Send me a pic and I’ll append them to this post with an attribution to you. Also, do write a note on how you are using them – functional, decorative, etc.

Original question on Quora.

Thanks for this great pic

Vinyl library shelf

Who wouldn’t want a Vinyl library like this, stacked with a zillion collections – you’ll love old age with this treasure.


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