the best stereo system Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels

What is the best stereo system to buy?

The best stereo system one can buy? This is quite a vague question – the question can be asked by a billionaire with money no object and by a typical majority of budding and mature audiophiles. I’ll answer to the latter. There’s no endgame stereo system. Getting into the audiophile/HiFi hobby is an endless cycleContinue Reading

audiophile melophile Photo by Anton H from Pexels

Can You Be an Audiophile but Not a Melophile?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a melophile is someone who obsessively loves music to no end. Does it matter if one is an audiophile or not if that person doesn’t like music? It’s like saying one is passionate about driving but doesn’t like cars. Hard to relate from a logical perspective, but I’m not rulingContinue Reading

vintage stereo amplifier VU meter

Are Vintage Stereo Amplifiers Worth Anything?

Fortunately, most of the old/vintage stereo receivers or amplifiers, be it, Marantz, Denon, NAD, or Cambridge Audio, had that warm house sound – there is a certain richness in them that defined their sound signature. Never brittle, or trying to act smart with the oversimplification of vocals and highs. The amps today, even from theContinue Reading

Serendipity speakers by Matt Featherstone

When 3-D Printed Speakers Can be This Good!

These 3-D printed speakers may look like a lifestyle statement. But, look closely, the open-baffled tweeter and the ported midrange speaker are inspired by Lawrence Dickie’s designs and has an expansion chamber, similar to that of a motorcycle. The expansion chamber is designed to increase the ‘back pressure’ off the driver unit – these areContinue Reading

Apple AirPlay Optical Apple TV

Should I Throw Away My Apple TV with Optical Out?

Apple has an uncanny way of stripping away ports and features that many music lovers (audiophiles?) deem useful. Remember, the ever-loved 3.5mm jack? Well, even before that, Apple made the decision to remove the optical out from it’s Apple TV hardware. If you still have the 2nd generation Apple TV that’s functional, don’t throw thatContinue Reading

Modern Radiogram – A Custom Design by INDIQAUDIO

Modern Radiogram Came across a beautifully crafted, custom-speaker design by INDIQAUDIO. INDIQAUDIO has been founded by passionate audiophiles, making hi-end speakers and amplifiers. I will be reviewing their gear once the COVID-19 situation eases up. Can’t wait to audition their amplifiers and speakers. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics of this custom design. What do you thinkContinue Reading

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD package

Beyerdynamic Beat BYRD Review

The RHA MA390 lasted so long that I didn’t get to try a lot of headphones during that time. I did have the Beyerdynamic Byron and I do have the ATH-ANC500BT, but their purposes were quite different. I will put up the reviews for the aforementioned headphones soon. When the RHA MA390 died on meContinue Reading


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